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To Eat or Not to Eat Natural Flavors-The Facts You Should Know of

The term natural flavors is so common in many of the ingredients lists and as such, chances are so high that you must have come across them at some point in time. For starters, natural flavors are simply flavoring agents that food and beverage manufacturers add to their products for the need to enhance the taste of their products.

But anyway, the term natural flavors may prove confusing and even to a given degree misleading. Thus, with this fact in mind, we have this post and it is basically a look at what you need to know about natural flavors, what they are. We will as well see how they do compare to the artificial flavors and whatever health effects that they may have.

To begin with, we will take a look at what natural flavors are. Fundamentally, as per the US FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations, what would be considered natural flavors would be any kind of flavoring agent that may have been created from substances that have been extracted from any of the many animal or plant sources some of which are; spices, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, meat, seafood or poultry, eggs, dairy products, edible yeast, buds, bark root leaves, herbs and the like plant material. In order to create the natural flavors, such animal or plant material from where they are sourced may be roasted or heated.

However, you need to as well acknowledge the fact that manufacturers are as well increasingly in the habit of using enzymes to get about the extraction of flavor compounds from the plant sources all in a bid to match the upward trend in the demand for these natural flavors. One important thing that is to be borne in mind when it comes to the element of the use of the natural flavors is that these are but agents that are meant to help boost the taste of the foods and beverages from the manufacturers and as such are not to be mistaken to add any nutritional value of these products. By and large, the use of these natural flavors has become such a common thing in the foods and beverages industry, with them being used virtually all over the place.

What’s funny is the fact that research has come to corroborate that whenever the term natural appears on a food label, consumers immediately form an opinion of the product, including how healthy the product may be. This as such brings us to the point of caution, looking at the fact that there is still yet to come an official definition of the term from the FDA, this term can be used to describe any kind of food.

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